Pathway (In)dependence

3hr hole-digging action, “Pathway (in)dependence” for Inverse Performance Art Festival in Fayetteville Arkansas, at the sculpture building at the University of Arkansas. White poker chips, beeswax (3 casts made of the bottom of the hole), 2 caps (1 camo 1 NY yankees), bucket, sunglasses, shovel.

In the middle of the turned-over field
water is found 3 feet down
when i can’t dig anymore
I follow my white poker chips towards the aluminum-sided building, stacking each into my mouth
upstairs on a white cloth, beeswax is melting and two baseball caps flank a square of fake turf. Hot beeswax is carried back down (I can see the hole from above)
and poured into the hole
CASTINGS are turned out: the shape of the depths
is this my pathway? is this my place?
The red red clay sticks to everything


Documentation by Brian McCorkle


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