Feet on the ground, #callresponse

Collaboration with Maria Hupfield (call) and IV Castellanos (fellow responder) continues at EFA Project Space Saturday, April 28, 4-6pm. 

This performance is a part of the traveling exhibition #callresponse

Feet on the Ground is a participatory group performance and art collaboration that asks, ‘how do we decolonize ourselves?’ Featuring a custom-made toolbox containing items designed by artists Esther Neff, IV Castellanos, and Maria Hupfield, the artists invite the audience to participate in empowering the collaborative and considerate by making new items for the toolbox using materials provided onsite. Conducted as an ongoing series of performances, each one informing the next, this project brings together survival strategies of politically-minded performance artists.

The artists will introduce new items, and collaborate in the space with visitors and invited guests during regular gallery hours, leading up to this two-hour performance. For EFA’s iteration of #callresponse, the artists have created a custom bookshelf and triangular bench-style pedestal. Unlike the military term “boots on the ground” the title Feet on The Ground is one where direct community interaction and liberation of the undressed foot takes priority over combat. Previous iterations of this project were performed in New York at MAWA Gallery, Bullet Space, and Emily Carr University of Arts and Design (Vancouver, Canada).


About #callresponse

Shining a light on work that is both urgent and long-term, #callresponse acts as a connective support system that begins with commissioned artworks created by Indigenous North American women artists and their invited guest respondents, promoting discussion and action around Indigenous cultural revitalization, land-based knowledge, and cross-cultural solidarity. Moving between specificity of Indigenous nations, site, online space, and the gallery, #callresponse focuses on forms of performance, process, and translation that catalyze action across borders between individuals, communities, territories and institutions. The hashtag #callresponse connects the geographically diverse sites and provides opportunities for networked exchanges. A touring exhibition, #callresponse opened in Vancouver’s grunt gallery in 2016 and continues to engage each location with specific programming.

Artists: Christi Belcourt, IV Castellanos, Marcia Crosby, Maria Hupfield, Ursula Johnson, Cheryl L’Hirondelle, Isaac Murdoch, Esther Neff, Tanya Tagaq, Tania Willard and Laakkuluk Williamson-Bathory with local respondents Jennifer Kreisberg and Laura Ortman

Co-organized by: Tarah Hogue, Maria Hupfield, and Tania Willard

For the full schedule of public programs associated with #callresponse, visit www.projectspace-efanyc.org/callresponse/

EFA Project Space
323 W. 39th Street, 2nd Floor, Manhattan
Gallery hours: Wed – Sat, 12 – 6 PM
T: (212) 563 – 5855 x 229


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