ARC: The Good Life/The Right Life (Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival, 2019)

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Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival, August 30-31, 2019

How are pursuits of “the good life” and pursuit of “the right(eous) life” in conflict?
How is this (“good” vs. “right”) a false dichotomy?
What do you believe is ethical to consider when making decisions (in your own life/in general)?
How do you see “the good of the individual” vs. “the good of the community/whole”?
Are you a “good example” of a humxn being? (e.g. can your desires and needs be used to infer the desires and needs of others, as with “empathy”?)
Are you “in the right” in your beliefs? Do you what is right and/or what makes you (personally) happy?
What are your core ethics/values/moral centerings?

For the two days of the festival I set up an inflatable pumpkin at the Millvale public library and collaboratively diagram inquiries into good and right life/action one-on-one with participants. Throughout, I also documented/indexed statements on orange flags. At the end of the second day I performed a visual (re)presentation of intuitions shared.

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