INVERSE/Momentary Challenge

Every Monday for 5 weeks @inverseperformanceartfestival and @themomentary invite anyone to explore the medium of performance art from home. Each Monday a new artist-lead prompt is uploaded to Instagram, scoring 30-second expressions. Share by tagging the Momentary and INVERSE and hashtagging #MOINVERSEchallenge.

Week 2 prompt by Esther Neff:

Record a 30-second performance that considers your current STATE(S)…
→ A state of mind or being
→ States of your body
→ Other state
“How are you doing?” and “How are you holding up?” we ask each other. To what extent can we communicate how we are? How can we attend to the states of others amidst shared (yet unequally distributed and diffracted) crises? For your video, perhaps don’t think too hard about meanings or significance; let associations with substances, textures, moods, and the sensory roots of your embodiment surface…

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