upcoming conference presentations/workshops/talks:

Revolution! Artists and Scholars Rethinking Political Action, April 7-11, Houston, TX

writing that can be found online

Situating Arendt’s discourse ethics: Speculative Performances by a Thinktank of Passionate ‘Non-Professional Thinkers for special issue of Performance Philosophy: “Sites of appearance, matters of thought: Hannah Arendt and Performance Philosophy”

Articles on Cultbyte (SERIES)
“Discipline” in PUSH//PULL 
Opera as Operations in Experimental Music Yearbook
Article on the School of Making Thinking’s conference Between Words and [___] in Montreal (culturebot)
Review of Arahmaiani and Ayana Evans at Grace Exhibition Space in Performance is Alive
Good Dog! Bad Dog! Anya Liftigs Twin High Maintenance Machines (originally published on Peri0d Magazine)
On fear: touring, the privilege of auto-intervention, and scaring oneself (Peri0d Magazine)
Tour Diary blogging on Culturebot, March 2014
Discipline in our Time: Rants of a Wartime Performance Artist
Escaping the Fabrication of Art (in conversation with Lindsey Drury)
Performance Art and You (Hyperallergic)

Class Entwines Movement Research Studies Project organized by Lorene Bouboushian
With Jaguar Mary X on Pratt Radio on her show WOKE AMP
Native Art Department “Maintaining Good Relations” at Artists Space
Dominique Duroseau’s Rap on Race with RiceSmack Mellon
Emergency INDEX launch party at The Kitchen (launch of 9 PROPOSITIONS thinktank project, 2018)
Wendy’s Subway Reading Room at BAM: Documenting and Archiving Performance
A Panel Discussion
Interview with Ayana Evans, have you heard of Esther Neff? in Cultbytes
Interview with Li Cata, In Discussion for Critical Correspondence (Movement Research)
Interview Oscar Mac-Fall, Performance vs. Nature in Monika Magazine
Interview John Thomas for Esther Neff + Panoply Performance Laboratory in  Creative Sugar
Allison Klion for Nine Performance Artists in Art Experience NYC
Interview with Laura Flanders for Resisting Commodity, Promoting Democracy on GRITtv

Press (for my/PPL/performance work)

Whitehot Magazine
Daniella LaGaccia review: “Memories of the Body, Tempting Failure Day 6 _ INCIDENT Magazine” on Tempting Failure performance The Scraping Shape of the Socially Cyclomythic Womb
New York Arts
Huffington Post
The Guardian
Hyperallergic (2012 opera) (2017 opera)
Village Voice


Any Size Mirror is a Dictator
The Transformational Grammar of the Institutional Glorybowl Institute_Institut  (full recording here)
The Last Dreams of Helene Weigel Or How to Get Rid of The Feminism Once and For All
Workforce/Forced Work
On the Cranial Nerves of Barbarians
The Silviculture Museum
Schooled and Unschooled

“Political Content + other”
On Situations_Proposal
Performing Unwhitely_Becoming Imaginary I- Theory 07_12_2016
Liberation Economics and Performance Art
NOT BUYING INTO IT_dismantlingwhitenessandpatriachryviaformsoflife