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ARC (shifting acronym) 2016-ongoing. Including:

The Good Life/The Right Life Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival
Appearing in Public Lincoln PoPS: Global Frequencies, Lincoln, NE
Affaction Substantiation: Transactive Social Intimacy + the Intentional Transmission of Affect(ion) (2019) Para//el Performance Space, NYC
Appropriate Response Concerns (2019) Experimental Action, Houston, TX (Photo below by Kylie Arianna)
Affaction Processes (2018) at Gruentaler9 in Berlin (Photo below by Teena Lange)
AFFACTION RESEARCH CENTER (2016) Rapid Pulse in Chicago, IL. (Photo below by CV Peterson)
AUTOMATIC RELATIONAL CHOREOGRAPHY (AUNTS at Supercheif Gallery, Grace Exhibition Space, elsewhere…)


Schnittstellen-Portraitzeichnungen (2018) Sonntagsbureau, public library in Berlin, DE. Photos by Teena Lange.

Workshop/Performance as part of INVERSE Summer Residency, Harold J. Miossi Gallery at Cuesta College, San Luis Obispo

BODY OF INSTITUTION: Public Grant TBA (2018) Art in Odd Places, 14th Street and Westbeth Gallery, NYC. Photos by Brian McCorkle.

START (nut) HALT (2018) Im Zentrum der eigenen Peripherieseries, curated by Anja Ibsch and Teena Lange at HOCHHAUS in Berlin, DE. Photo by Teena Lange.

Augury of Anxieties (2017) WAKE Performance Festival, [performance s p a c e] Folkstone, UK. Photo by Andrea Abbatangelo

Pathway (in)Dependence (2017) INVERSE, Fayetteville AK. Photos by Brian McCorkle.

The Scraping Shape of the Socially Cyclomythic Womb (2016) Tempting Failure, London, UK. Photo courtesy of the festival.

other performance projects (PPL/relational/temporary ensemble)

Relational March: (MI)rage
Relational March: Talk of the Town/NotHappenings
Center for Marooned Citizens
A Philosophy of Significant Patterns


(In)Stated Apparitions (2018) with Anja Ibsch, German Consulate General, NYC. Photos by Brian McCorkle.

F(act)orial Governance Activity (FGA) (2018) at The Ear. 

Oniono (COMMUNITY) 2008-2018. Grace Exhibition Space, NYC. Photo by Polina Riabova.

Instigating 9 PROPOSITIONS (2018) 9 thintanks throughout 2018. The Kitchen, NYC. Photo by Anya Liftig.

Gratitude is the Antidote to Despair (2018) The Ear, NYC

3 Intentional Failures, with Kaia Gilje and Brian McCorkle, SPACE in Pittsburgh during the Pittsburgh Performance Art Festival. Photo by Valerie Kuehne.

Feet on the Ground: Decolonizing Toolkit as part of #callresponse, for Maria Hupfield, in collab with Maria and IV Castellanos (multiple sites, image: ECUAD in Vancouver, CA)

Queer Mother Courage, Abrons Arts Center during the Queer NY Festival, evening with Social Health Performance Club

Feminist Art Group actions at Rosekill (in image with Kledia Spiro)

Critical Eye Contact, during AUNTS Dance for Camera at the New Museum, chain curated by Anya Liftig, photo by Travis Chamberlain

“I am Disparate/Desperate to Please You” performance at Grace Exhibition Space


EotW #6 at [performance s p a c e] in London (with Kaia Gilje and Brian McCorkle as PPL)


untitled performance at Palanzano’s in Pittsburgh, PA as part of “Vehicle Relocation Program” (2017)pittsburgh_photobyarkmclelland

Actions as/with No Wave Performance Task Force (pictured with IV Castellanos and Christen Clifford)

Abstraction is Mimetics (duo with Brian McCorkle, as PPL) English Kills Gallery, NYC

“Abstraction is Mimetics (alone)” as part of CONTEMPORARY SPACE-TIME (MPA-B), Berlin


“Brush your teeth more gently and for longer, not more violently and momentarily” at The Brick Theater, 2016

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 2.40.34 PM

untitled actions at Public School 69 in Jackson Heights as part of ITINERANTps69

at Ohio State (performing w/ Valerie Kuehne, Brian McCorkle, Kaia Gilje, Joern J Burmester on our third annul “Relational March”

A Philosophy of Significant Patterns (2016) with Brian McCorkle (as PPL) SPACE TIME BODY OBJECTS, photo by Vela Phelan


(de)liberation action at Moynihan Station as PPL with Kaia Gilje and Brian mCas part of COPY/PASTE Spring Break Art Fair, photo by Ventiko (2016)IMG_2378.jpg

Performance with Brian McCorkle at University of Kentucky, photo by Rae Goodwin

Performance at the Cinci public library (with Brian McCorkle and Valerie Kuehne)

Do-Nots (1) at MANA Contemporary in Chicago, with Valerie Kuehne and Brian McCorkle (PPL)

ideophone diagram during PULSAR at Catland event space with Brian McCorkle

PPL (Esther Neff, Brian McCorkle, Kaia Gilje) on tour in Toledo Ohio


(De)liberation durational performance at Gowanus Ballroom with Brian McCorkle


“Teach Me” with Kaia Gilje and Brian McCorkle on tour in Lafayette, IN
Performance with Brian McCorkle (“PPL”) at Grace Space
performance art trebuchet/burger/big boy homage performance at IV Soldiers
BABY BABY BABY as part of Month of Performance Art Berlin (MPA-B) with Brian McCorkle
Birdhouse Home Craft Project for Fathers and Daughters at IV Soldiers Gallery, with Brian McCorkle


“Monolith” (Joseph Pastor) performance with Brian McCorkle at IV Soldiers Galleryhappybirthdaydearmonolith_2012